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CSS Naked Day 2009: a Rails plugin

On April 9th 2009, the fourth CSS Naked Day event will take place. The idea behind this event is to promote web standards (like proper semantic markup and a good hierarchy structure). On April 9th, participants are encouraged to completely remove all stylesheets from their site, stripping it entirely of its design. If your site has proper semantic markup, it'll stay well usable and understandable even without styles. If not, you better hide and don't take part in this event :)

To make it as easy as possible, I created a little Rails plugin that, once installed to an app, simply disables the stylesheet_link_tag helper for the duration of the event. It's as easy as install and forget (assuming that you used stylesheet_link_tag in your layouts and didn't add inline styles or stylesheet links manually).

So let's see how many sites will join this funny but yet expressive event this year. It's time to show off your <body> ;-)