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TMail create_forward fixed

A minor bug in TMail (which is used in Rails' ActionMailer) got fixed finally.

About 2 years ago, I reported bug #6015 to the Ruby on Rails bug tracker. TMail's createforward method always returned the first body part of a newly created forwarded mail instead of the forwarded mail itself. Therefore the createforward method was practically useless. At that time, the ActionMailer and/or TMail developers didn't seem to be very active. Well... nobody cared about this for about two years.

After I heard that TMail got a new maintainer, I gave it another try and submitted bug #15445 to the newly created TMail bug tracker. Mikel (who is the new TMail maintainer) applied and tested a fix, so the upcoming TMail version will come without this bug. Thanks a lot, Mikel.

Let's hope this fix will make it into Rails 2.0 so that I can dump one more workaround in my application soon.